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For over 60 years, B&L Neeley, Inc. has supplied chemical, equipment, laboratory, and engineering services to the food, beverage, municipality, and manufacturing industries. We custom formulate and manufacture our own products for over 80 customers in California, including Campbell Soup Co., Kraft Heinz, Blue Diamond Growers, and the City of Turlock. Our core business value is to provide a hands-on partnership with our customers in the use and application of our chemistries.

We manufacture and warehouse our products at our two facilities located in Ripon and Oakland, California, giving us the ability to deliver products within a matter of hours. Our chemistries include solutions for towers, boilers, can treatment, wastewater, cooling, and refrigeration systems. We blend over 50 different cleaning, sanitation, biocide, and pH control compounds.

We design and manufacture custom equipment utilized for specific cleaning applications and chemical dispensing systems to include CIP and High Pressure Cleaning systems.  We have sold these systems internationally to include Mexico, Asia, and Europe. We provide a wide range of parts and perform in-house and on-site equipment repairs to support these systems.


We help manage our customers’ chemical inventories and deliveries.  We are actively involved with the chemical application and process for steam systems, cooling water systems, condensers, waste water, and plant sanitation clean ups resulting in more efficient outcomes. Our laboratory facility is used to perform various Chemical Analyses to include Zeolite Resin Analyses, Corrosion Coupon Evaluation, and Microscopic Analyses.  We manufacture and inventory our own Reagents for customer infield chemical tests.


When chemical cleaning proves insufficient, we have a 10,000 PSI High Pressure Pump which we use to mechanically clean evaporator tubes, boiler tubes, cooling towers, and product process lines.

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